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Grand Match Gala


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What is the GMG?

The Chess Tutors Grand Match Gala is an INVITATION-ONLY opportunity for students from our various schools to test and measure their developing skills in full-fledged tournament play. Students have an opportunity to participate in a healthy competition that fosters camaraderie, good sportsmanship and an opportunity to gain valuable life experience in a safe and intellectually stimulating environment. Trophy winners and checkmate circle competitors from all of our top performing schools are invited to "go head to head" in this exciting "Battle of the Minds" (round robin) chess competition.

University of Southern California

Founder's Park

June 29th, 2019

8:00am - 9:30am

10am sharp

2:30 pm




ONLY students who have received an email and/or hard copy invitation to the tournament may register.


Our limited edition Tee Shirts ARE NOT included in the Registration Cost:

T-shirts are available for purchase for at least the first 100 people to register. At the point in which no more T-shirts are available for purchase, the option to purchase a T-Shirt will be REMOVED. Order your limited edition T-shirt today.

There will be a one hour-lunch break from 12 - 1pm.

(Really cool restaurants with many healthy & tasty food options are within walking distance of the USC Campus.)


University of Southern California

For details on how college scholarship award money will be divided between the 1st & 2nd place winning teams; When the monies will be awarded; How we determine the winning teams & how the moneys will be divided between the winning team members; STAY TUNED!!!

Upon registering, please be sure your email is listed correctly as the aforementioned will be emailed to all registrants prior to the day of the event.

For immediate information read below or contact us via email at gmg@chesstutors.org


Please read this entire page before registering.  Knowing these details ensures you a rewarding tournament experience.

Please consider your schedule carefully prior to registering for this event because due to significant upfront administrative and facility costs, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED. However, we will happily provide you a credit toward our afterschool program, a private chess session (pending availability) or next years Gala should you miss the event for any reason

Register now by filling out the information below!


Our Chess Tutors schools will exclusively compete to be recognized as our top Chess Tutors chess team. Additionally, individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be granted to winners in K-6th grade from our Chess Tutors program as well as individuals from other programs who compete and place. Students may compete within their grade section, one grade level above or below. In recognizing that Effort Creates Aptitude, we will award each child’s best effort by making sure every student receives an award of some kind.

Indeed, we anticipate distributing over 250 awards!

Special thanks to USC for sponsoring our 12th Annual GMG!! Thanks to Dr. Conerly, Dr. Corliss & Paul Young, Our Alumni, the CBCSA staff & all our volunteers and sponsors. We expect to have the best GMG ever!

All College Scholarship Award information will be included in your post-registration information packet.

(PLEASE NOTE: We will be using the Round Robin by grade system to match students in individual play.
Please, be mindful you may occasionally find yourself competing against someone from your own team).


Proof that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!


We are still looking to solidify sponsors for our college scholarships, trophies, special awards & T-shirts. All sponsors of this event will be featured here and in our tournament publicity and communications.  Additionally, you will be heralded in all of our participating schools. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact us at signup@chesstutors.org.  Our thousands of Chess Tutor parents will know that YOU HELPED MAKE THIS EVENT SPECIAL!

Please carefully consider your schedule THOROUGHLY prior to registering. In the event you are subsequently unable to attend the 2019 GMG, we will extend you credit towards a future Chess Tutor session, private coaching or next year’s GMG. HOWEVER, due to significant upfront administrative and facility costs, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Online Registration for Participants: $74

Mail-in Registration for Participants: $74
(Must be postmarked by June 7th)


scheduled for June 29th


We Make Serious Learning Fun!

We Make Serious Learning Fun!

Chess Helps Enhance Scholastic Skills.

We have introduced the game of chess to 100,000 students, and by extension, their parents.

Earn an invitation to our 12TH Annual Grand Match Gala Invitational.

Learn more!

Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 110/771 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Office Phone: 323-251-7010

Work Fax: 310.216.1306


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Register for

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