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We Make Serious Learning Fun!

Chess Helps Enhance Scholastic Skills.

We have introduced the game of chess
to 100,000 students, and by extension, their parents.


Welcome to Chess Tutors
We are an organized, insured and reliable
not-for-profit, California Distinguished Educational Service Provider.

We are devoted to the development of life skills and student academic success. Our aim is to give students in the K-8th grades confidence that they can learn the strategies and techniques of chess and apply them to every area of their lives.

They learn to take responsibility for every move they make in life as well as on the chess board. In the most practical terms, students learn concentration skills necessary to master any academic discipline.

Our Chess Tutors method relies heavily on the Psychological Learning Theory, which utilizes concepts that are of the utmost importance to the field of education:

Memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and reinforcement — all of these concepts are reinforced during our competitive chess sessions, enhancing cognitive skills.


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