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In 15 years of teaching, I’ve seen many programs brought to school sites and this by far is my favorite.  The Style of the delivery, the engagement of all the students, regardless of academic level, emotional level etc…  All boundaries were dropped and learning through fun took place...
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Kristen Roman, Teacher


As a teacher, I have observed many different instructors work with children some excellent, others not so well qualified.  The Chess Tutors set a new standard for excellence.  They are knowledgeable, organized, dynamic presenters.  The songs that they use to teach the game of chess make this complicated game fun and easy…
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Kathryn Sullivan, Teacher


The children adored him. He was also highly respected. He really did an outstanding job!!
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S. Eads, 1st grade teacher


I enjoyed the life lesson connections. The students can take value in that.  The students enjoyed the rhyme…

I think the “Tutor” is very effective because he’s lively, interesting, and fun!
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Mrs. Benas, Educator

Chess Tutors has given several “at-risk” students a reason to come to school...
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Lou Mardesich, Principal


Student engagement was extremely high throughout so every student learned and benefited.

The presentations not only got the students excited about chess, but also had a positive impact on the teaching staff...
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Dave Hoffman, Principal


Students were developing cognitive abilities that can be applied to many academic situations.  Chess Test Tutors is a capable and dynamic organization that is always willing to do what it takes to ensure that the students they serve receive the best...
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Kim Lattimore, Principal

Parents & Educators



Igniting the fun in learning while adding value to the educational experience of youth since 1996

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County of Los Angeles

In recognition of dedicated service to the affairs of the community and for the civic pride demonstration by numerous contributions for the benefit of all the citizens of Los Angeles Country...

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Yvonne B. Burke


Our Weekly News Paper

Then, once children’s interest is caught, they begin to introduce skills such as math, comprehension, critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving...


Daily Breeze

Besides advancing their cognitive skills, the lessons give children a few subtle life lessons; too, like sportsmanship and the importance of considering all their options before making a move...
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California Legislature

On behalf of the State of California and the 47th Assembly District, we present this Certificate of Recognition in commemoration of your distinction as Honoree of the Culver City Education Foundation’s Tribute to the Stars Award.  Your accomplishment deserves…
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Los Angeles Lakers, Andrew Bynum

Interview conducted by K.A.E., Duke of Chess
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County of Los Angeles, California Sheriffs Department

This Certificate is presented to Kyseme Ellington in recognition of successfully...
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Leroy D. Beca, Sheriff


State of California , Senate

In honor of your exemplary support of quality education…I am pleased to recognize you valuable contributions...
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Mark Ridley-Thomas


We Make Serious Learning Fun!

Chess Helps Enhance Scholastic Skills.

We have introduced the game of chess to 100,000 students, and by extension, their parents.

Earn an invitation to our Annual Grand Match Gala Invitational.

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Address: 8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 110/771 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Office Phone: 323-251-7010

Work Fax: 310.216.1306


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